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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I need a website?
A: A website for your business can help answer questions a potential or current customer may have about what you do or do not offer, your location and hours of operation. Your site may be visited by potential customers moving to your city and they may not know what services are available or have access to local business or telephone directories. Remember, your website is available to anyone, anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

Q: What does a simple website cost?
A: A basic 6-7 page website can cost as little as $300 for design and initial development. See the Services tab or click here for more detailed information on just what is available.

Q: What else do I need besides a website?
A: Two things; you will also need what's known as a domain name and a host for your website. A domain name is the Internet address (location) of your website like http://www.mywebsite.com. A host is a company that physically contains the pages of your website.

Q: I'm sure I'll need email, is that also available?
A: Definitely. With my recommended host, Site5.com, you can have unlimited mail box accounts. Great for sales and support staff! These can be accessed on the Internet or by any email client software you have on your computer.

Q: I already have a website but the person maintaining it has moved on. Can you help?
A: Probably. Maintenance services are available for existing websites as well as ongoing maintenance for new websites. Dependent on how complex (or poorly done) the website is will determine the feasibility of maintaining the site in its current configuration.  See the Maintenance page or click here for more detailed information.

Other websites I've done

See my samples page for some examples of my work.