Undercarriage and Exhaust

As purchased, the car was bone stock. Luckily, I got the car early enough in it's life that basically all the original equipment is still with the car even including the battery and exhaust. The original 17-inch wheels were not there, but I got the bonus of 18s and found a brand new take-off set that rejoined the car soon after I got it.

The suspension and brake details can be found on the front and rear suspension pages.

This is shot from the front showing the underside of the radiator area and the front of the engine. Too bad the previous owners couldn't have avoided parking curbs better! You can see one small white inspection mark on the cross member just behind the bumper and below the radiator.

This is a detail shot of the rear of the skip plate showing a "22" inspection mark. I've no idea what the 22 might signify.

This from the passenger side, just behind the front wheel. The passenger side catalytic converter can be seen in the middle lower area of the photo. The wetness you see is some oversprayed cleaner I had been using in the engine compartment. The large boxed sections in the center are parts of the frame rails.

This is the exhaust arriving at the front of the resonator. The main head pipes can be seen coming into the resonator from either side, this is looking toward the rear of the car.

This is the same section shown from the passenger side. The rear of the car is to the left. Details of the frame rails and transmission cross member can be seen as well.

This is the system as it leaves the resonator going to the back. This again is from the passenger side looking toward the back of the car. A protective cover for brake and fuel lines can also be seen in the foreground.

I hope to get more and detailed photos of the rear of the exhaust system and of the undercarriage in general some day when I can get it up on a lift.


I never got better pictures and now I've installed an all-new entire aftermarket exhaust. See the Modifications page for details. Here is a photo of the entire stock exhaust off the car and laid out as it would be on the car.