The Point Of This Website

As you may have gathered from my other websites I am fascinated about the history of musclecars and have done my part to preserve a little bit of musclecar history. Since I was just a little too young to have owned any classic musclecars of the 1960s and 1970s when they were new or fairly new, I plan to do my best to preserve a modern musclecar. The 2004-2006 GTOs are a rare example of modern day interpretation of what a real musclecar is supposed to be all about.

July 8, 2010

Over time I will be documenting my GTO and updating information and photos of the car. I was fortunate to find one of these increasingly rare and impressive cars in completely stock condition. I do plan to make a few modest modifications and upgrades, but at this point in time I plan to keep the car basically stock. Guys and gals who will try to restore these cars 25 years from now will thank me!

One interesting thing that separates these cars from classic musclecars is that the modern GTOs for the most part are all the same aside from colors and a very limited number of options. As you can see by viewing the window sticker on the documentation page, the cars all came pretty much loaded with power accessories and creature comforts.

In 2004 the only option was a manual transmission, the automatic transmissions were standard.

For 2005 and 2006 18-inch wheels were added as an option. An interesting package called the Sport Appearance Package was made available in 2006 though it was a dealer installed option so it can be hard to document that such a package was original to a particular car. The SAP consisted of more aggressive looking front and rear facias, rocker covers and a larger and more aggressive sounding exhaust.