Getting The Goat

I first found the GTO on Craigslist. The car resided in Dell Rapids, South Dakota, about 20 miles north of Souix Falls. That was about a 4 hour drive from where I live so I interviewed the owner over the phone and via e-mail for a number of days before I decided to make a move. The first date we scheduled for me to look at the car in person got cancelled due to a plumbing emergency on my end that weeked so we rescheduled for the following Friday. By then I had convinced myself I was going to buy the car unless something was wrong with it.

Here are the photos the owner posted on Craigslist and sent me via e-mail which helped me decide what to do. I think you'll see why it was a pretty easy decision to get a bank check and drive four hours to see the car. I had also had a GMVIS report run by a very helpful member on the website so I knew a fair amount of the car's history that this owner, who was the second owner, may not have even know. The first four photos are what was posted on Craigslist, the remainder I had gotten in e-mails. It initially took almost a week to get the sellers to respond to my Craigslist e-mails and since they hadn't posted a phone number I couldn't do much else until the contact me back.

Visit the home page to read about my first impressions of the car and a little bump in the road concerning my initial inspection. As it turns out, the wife of the guy sellilng it had been the detailer at the local GM dealership, so the car had been impressively maintained and was incredibly clean inside and out.