The original window sticker and owner manual came with the car when I bought it.

The original owner manual, warning placards and a DVD which shows the features and their uses. The information on the disc covers in some detail how to personalize the features of the dashboard computer screen.

I recently picked up a copy of the original showroom brochure.

This shows copies of the warranty book, dealer checklist, owner survey and the security information card which all came with the car.

Here is the full line Pontiac brochure from 2006 and a nifty retro GR-RRR licence plate.

Here are some shots of the exterior paint chips brochure (first closed, then open).

Next is a press kit. These were sent to automotive journalists. There is a small book featuring limited information on each model and a listing of available photos. The disc contains documents covering model information and specifications and lots of high resolution photos of all Pontiac models for 2006.

I recently obtained copies of the salesman's comparisons brochure (compares the 2006 GTO against the Intinity G35, Nissan Z and Ford Mustang GT) and the Pontiac high performance and motorsports brochure.

This is a unique mailer sent to potential customers by Pontiac marketing. The clear vinyl box houses a unique piece of artwork. Contained inside was a 2006 GTO brochure book. I suspect they used this same mailer to send out other brochure books depending on which car they were trying to market to the individual it was sent to.

Here are some pre-order packets which were sent to dealers in 2003. This information allowed dealers to keep track of pre-orders and to order advertising materials to promote the coming new GTO.

Here is the introduction package. I'm guessing, but I assume these were given or sent to prospective buyers when the GTO was reintroduced in 2003 (as a 2004 model). The pack has a wonderful boxed enclosure which houses a book full of photos and details on the car with a DVD containing even more photos and details.

Here we have the Product Portfolio books for each year, GTO shop manuals and the little box in the top center is a media guide kit which was sent out to automotive journalists just be fore the GTO reintroduction in 2003. It includes a DVD full of photos and facts.

And here are copies of the 2004 and 2005 GTO brochures.

Then we have a photo of two great books about the GTO and the Monaro upon which it is based.

Last but certainly not least is a famous GTO personality's signature on underside of the console compartment lid. If you don't know who Jim Wangers is, you don't know much about GTO history! He was a very nice guy.

The man himself!

Not exactly documentation, but this 3'x5' flag will add a little sparkle to the garage!

And it is an actual GM flag, here's the label on the box it came in.

And to celebrate the Australian heritage of the GTO I got this flag as well.

This is a 6-foot tall banner you may have seen when the new GTO was introduced at Pontiac dealerships. I hope to find more items like this.

I found a decent copy of the huge dealership intro banner. In the top left corner of the photo you can see a yardstick to help give an idea of how large this banner is.

Here is a more reasonable sized paper poster similar to the banner shown above.

And another paper poster showing a few of the Pontiac performance offerings all in one place.

This is a booklet intended for salemen to familiarize them with the major selling points for all 2006 Pontiac models.

I've been looking for an offical GTO jacket for some time. These haven't been made for years but I eventually found a nice copy. It is a little large for me, but it is in really nice shape. I'll keep looking for one more my size but this one is nice and will get worn often! It has a wool body and leather sleeves and collar. It has an insulated lining so functions well as a winter coat.